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Custom Orders, Finishing and Repairs

Yes we do custom orders, finishing and repairs.  

Knit/Crochet to Order: The pricing varies according to project as it is dependent on the pattern of the garment, the size and the yarn used.  Orders generally take 4 - 6 weeks once we have the yarn to hand. 

Repairs: We also do repairs. We will assess whether the garment is worth repairing and we  discuss with you the finished look. Pricing is subject to the work involved

Finishing:We also finish garments. This may involve knitting neckbands and/or sewing up. Pricing is subject to the work involved

Example of customer knit. This crew neck jumper is a regular store item and we try to have one of each size in the stock, but sometimes sales are quicker than the knitting and occasionally customers have specific colour requirements. 


Custom Knit


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