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Boutique Heidi Handkerchiefs
Boutique Heidi Handkerchiefs
Boutique Heidi Handkerchiefs
Boutique Heidi Handkerchiefs

Boutique Heidi Handkerchiefs


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Boutique Heidi specialises in beautiful & unique Handkerchiefs for Women, Men, Women & Children. 

We have chosen to stock the Heidi's Liberty design handkerchief and when available fabrics from Organic, Australian, Japanese lawn, . All are 100% Cotton with over locked edge.

Every Handkerchief comes packaged (in a packet made from recycled paper) ready to give, our handkerchiefs are not perfect, they are hand made and each is individual.

Boutique Heidi is an Australian company; where possible the hankies and packaging are manufactured in Australia and are environmentally friendly. Our mission is to ensure all packaging is beautiful yet minimal and made from recycled materials and we hope our packaging reduces the need for additional wrapping.

The Van (Large) Dimensions: 34cm x 34cm, Who: Men or those who like the larger hankie, Fabrics: Neutral and masculine fabrics 

The Van (XLarge) Dimensions: 34cm x 34cm, Who: limited range 40x40cm. Perfect as a Handkerchief or a Neckchief  Neutral and masculine fabrics

The Heidi (Medium) Dimensions: 28cm x 28cm, Who: Perfect for Ladies, Fabrics: A range of delicate, fun and beautiful fabrics

The Vedder (Small) Dimensions: 24cm x 24cm, Who: Those with petite features, Fabrics: Children themed and pretty fabrics

Boxes, BOX SIZE: 15x15cm Square 5.5cm Tall, EDGE: Narrow border with finished edge 1 cm, 

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