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These classes provide instructions for knitting and crochet. The level difficulty of the classes will vary.  Learn to classes are basic learn to classes. Skill classes are building on your already basic to intermediary knitting or crochet skills. 

Read here for information about a particular class. 

Current Classes scheduled

Learn to Crochet (Set of 4 x 2hr Lessons )  
In these classes learn about Crochet - needles, yarn types, tension, chain, turning, joining, crocheting straight or in the round and the basic stitches of crochet.
Learn to crochet book supplied, you will need to supply needle and yarn.

Weekday Thursday August 5, 6.30pm - 8.30pm, then August 12, 19, 26

Weekend Saturday August 7, 2.00pm - 4.00pm, then August 14, 21, 28
Check Class notes here

Learn to knit Socks Intermediate (Set of 4 x 2hr Lessons )  180.00  This is not a learn to knit sock class. You need to be able to knit a basic sock.

Knit a pair of simple cable socks in a 4 ply using the magic loop or 2 x 60cm cables.  This class will explore how to work out what size to knit your sock, regardless of the wool and needles used. Price includes a ball of sock yarn and needles, sock patterns and lesson notes.  You will need to bring a  tapestry needle, 4 stitch markers (one of these should be different to the others). Pen and notepaper, scissors, tape measure. 

Weekday  Tuesday August 3, then August 10, 17, 24   6.30pm - 8.30pm,  

Check Class notes here

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