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Greenwash Soap
Greenwash Soap

Greenwash Soap

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DEVOTION: Creation that will please both men and women. The result is idiosyncratic: alternating feminine/masculine with the disturbing ambiguity of Lavender, allied with playfulness of Ho Wood and Pink Grapefruit, reinforced with keen Rosemary and rounded out by sensible Sage. In the background, the declared sensuality and decadence of Cedar Wood and Patchouli.

GRIND: “Coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted.” ~ Cherise Sinclair   Oh, yeah, baby! You know exactly what I’m talking about. A tough love this bar will give to your skin can’t be denied. Coffee beans and cocoa nibs gonna scrub it alright and subtle chocolaty scent will live your nose (and head) unclouded and simple.

NONSENSE: He is a minimalist. He likes to say the most with the least. Unscented. Uncoloured. Handsome. Simple and sweet.

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