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Hand Spun Finn 10-12 ply

Hand Spun Finn 10-12 ply


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Handspun Finn fleece. Some lanolin still in the yarn. Shade is natural cream. 10-12 ply spin with approximately 94m per 100 grams. Essential to swatch to identify the gauge  - will help with project selection.

Care: Natural Colour, Hand Spun wool, Warm hand wash in wool detergent, Rinse well in same temp. water, Spin lightly, dry in shade.
Do not machine wash, tumble dry or bleach

Finn sheep (or Finnish Landrace) are a native Landrace sheep of Northern European origin with major flocks in Finland and Denmark. Finn wool is generally described as fine, white, soft,
and lustrous. The breed is now being bred in Australia and at times it is being crossed with Merino. 

The micron count of the Finn breed is often high - but it is still a soft fibre.

Australian Finns are universally white; the wool has superior length, softness, better radius of curvature and reduced prickle factor. In Australia, wool quality and length have improved greatly to the extent that there are now sheep which can be shorn twice per year and whose advantageous wool characteristics have been extensively incorporated into Merino flocks.

Finnsheep overseas have a similar range of fleece colors to that of Shetland and Icelandic sheep. White is genetically dominant and the most common color. Black and black piebald (spotted) sheep are also fairly common, while brown, grey and fawn are less common.  

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