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Indie Road Magazine
Indie Road Magazine
Indie Road Magazine

Indie Road Magazine


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Indie Road is designed to showcase scrumptious yarns, heavenly threads and exotic weaves that brings the designs of yesterday to our modern palette.

Today’s textures and styles bring the astute artist a taste of what tomorrow will look like.
We are here to inspire, encourage and entice makers and creators in our ever-growing creative fibre world.

All it takes is a POP of inspiration, a burst of enthusiasm and a dream to change the way we see the world… It is an individual road we are all taking and a path we want to share with everyone.

Staff Spotlight - Abbey Bongers - crocheter extraordinary
Artist profiles -Frey Jobbins, Kerri Hollingsworth - Antiquate
Travel - South Australia
Food - Raw Blueberry and white chocolate cake
Patterns - Juju Hat, Cable Handwarmers, Chunkey cable scarf, knitted vest, Double Cross Cushion
Indie Dyers - Three Mums Yarn
Tutorial - Cables 
Fibre - Camel
Techniques/ Tutorials - cables, extreme knitting, handwinding
Shop Profile -  Knit Spin Weave
Engage: Crochet competition, Crochet survey

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