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Merino Wool Muffler Scarf

Merino Wool Muffler Scarf


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Warm, but very light in weight, “Raffal” muffler does not crease which makes them ideal for travelling.
Measurements approx 35cm x 210cm
Our colour selection changes, and our images will be representative of the scarves. Please contact us at  to select your colour. 
“Raffal” shawls, stoles and scarves are produced solely from Pure Australian Merino Wool. The micron of the wool used is mainly between 19-21 which guarantees that the fabric will not cause any problems with itch or prickle against delicate skin.

Wool is an extremely complex protein fibre evolved over millions of years for the protection of warm blooded animals in a great variety of climates and conditions.

Caring for your Raffal scarf

Always store your wool scarf in a plastic bag to prevent moth damage and reduce any possible fading.

Wash or Dry Clean? Unless you do severe damage to your scarf by spilling red wine on it, or dropping it in a muddy puddle, it virtually NEVER needs washing. Dry cleaning is recommended for all unlikely mishaps. A quick steam iron will fresh up your Raffal wrap immediately and make it as good as new. Always check your iron to see that it has plenty of water, otherwise it may scorch the fabric.

Wool has spring and elasticity. It is lustrous, it breathes, it keeps you fresh and safe and comfortable in any climate. It exudes no harmful influences. Totally natural and non-man made, straight from nature with no harmful effects on its producer – the Merino sheep, or its wearer, the astute Australian consumer!


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