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Midas Handle

Midas Handle

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Midas collection detachable handle. An extra handle to suit the Neoflam Midas 9 Piece Cookware Set. The cookware set includes one handle, but to add some extra flexibility to the set, the additional handle lets you attach to more than one pot at a time. The Neoflam Midas Handle is designed to fit all four pots in the Midas cookware set perfectly, with a unique locking mechanism that allows easy unclasping and release, but provides a rock solid attachment when locked. Its Bakelite construction stays cool during use, insulating the heat from the pot from your hand, for more comfortable day to day use. The handle is not suitable for use in the oven, so please remember to detach it before popping anything into the hot oven.

Key features: 

  • Compatible with the Midas range
  • Excellent grip when latching onto the cookware
  • A double-locking detachable handle
  • Space-efficient storage & cooking

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