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One Seed Multi Purpose Elixir
One Seed Multi Purpose Elixir
One Seed Multi Purpose Elixir

One Seed Multi Purpose Elixir


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A luxurious, all-over body serum with a remarkable ability to soften, rejuvenate and restore all skin types. Available unscented or with a fragrance. The elixir features a superior blend of plant oils and extracts, such as avocado, pomegranate and sea buckthorn to deliver a deeply nourishing multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant boost, along with essential fatty acids to bring your skin back to life. Leaves your skin velvety soft and radiant.  


Unscented so you can wear it under your favourite ONE SEED perfume.  (92.00% certified organic ingredients)

Botanical Musk Elixir is unique in its fragrance which slowly unfold its scent with your body heat.  Smells like soft clean skin but better! Features a divine blend of precious natural plant musks, including ambrette seed, labdanum, rose and vanilla as well as delicate sweet leather tones. (84.54% certified organic ingredients)

Yuzu & Vanilla is a delicately-scented blend of juicy Japanese Yuzu (a citrus), wild orange & soft vanilla notes. Smells edible! Fragrance designed to 'bloom' on your skin over 30-60 minutes. 84.67% certified organic ingredients


Directions for use: Apply to damp skin immediately after bath or shower. 1-2 drops can also be smoothed through dry hair. Other usage suggestions: Makes an excellent fixative base that adds a deep muskiness to your favourite ONE SEED perfume. Can be used as a luxurious bath oil (add 1-2 pumps to a warm bath). Also suitable for use a a nourishing night oil for your face (press 4-5 drops onto clean, damp skin).

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