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Shoes + Mitts Set
Shoes + Mitts Set

Shoes + Mitts Set


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These colourful booties styled as socks and shoes,  make a perfect gift for the little one in your life. 

 Ronnie Avery’s intricate designs come in a vast array of colours.  “Knitting is an art form that is largely unrecognised.” Inspired simply by the farm, her hand-knitted garmets of original design are made in Tasmania. These quality items are crafted from Australian wool that has been hand selected to create a comfortable and durable garment. Washed carefully, they will have a very long life. 

For ease of display we have placed Ronnie's designs into three colour ways, Blue, Pink. Unisex,  based primarily on the band and overall colouring. As  designs are individual the actual product may vary slightly from that pictured. If you have any concerns please email or call us. 

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