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Supreme Possum
Supreme Possum

Supreme Possum


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Supreme Possum is a superior possum/merino blend with 40% fur content.  The possum fur is hollow and, spinning with Merino wool, produces Supreme Possum Merino's superior, hard wearing, heat retaining yarn. The possum fur is painstakingly hand-plucked so the yarn structure and attributes remain intact. Machine plucking breaks down the hollow fibres, resulting in a fibre with less quality and length. 

Supreme Possum Merino’s yarn provides garments that are lighter, softer and very warm. The hollow core of the possum fibre traps a tunnel of air that provides up to 30% more warmth than 100% wool garments and 35% more warmth than cashmere. In knitwear, possum fur, unlike angora, resists pilling, is a lot fluffier and has minimal to no skin irritation.

We have found that you can knit the 8ply yarn as a 10ply yarn with excellent results. 

Fibre Information

Weight:              4Ply
Meterage:          210 meters
Ball Weight:      50 grams
Gauge:               28 stitches, 36 rows = 10cm/4 inches
Needle size:       3.25mm  / 3 (US) / 10 UK
Fibres:               50% Mohair 40% Merino 10%Silk

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