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Deadlines - will they kill you?

I had set a deadline to have the website up and running by end of September.  I was focused and pushing hard to get there. But I have not made it.

I could spend time hashing over why I did not get there but I am not going to. I took some advice and asked myself the question will it matter in two years time. Answer - no. Because by then we will be up running and the teething problems will be a past memory.  So I am putting the missed deadline aside and working at getting the "bloody" site up.  We were oh so close. 

Mind you, initially the site will not have all products up - simple matter of needing to capture the visual image for the items in the shop. But we will be adding products on a weekly basis. 

If you can not see an item that you are interested in then simply contact us - we are more than happy to help.  

As I mentally composed this post last night and tried to chill out about missing my self imposed deadline I was sipping a glass of Wild Foxes Sauvignon Blanc.  The winery is in South Australia and is certified organic. I don't mind a  Sav Blanc and in general find them a drink now wine.  Hubby rated this one as average and he really is not a Sav Blanc fan. 

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