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It is strange how life can deliver you to the places where you need to be and people that you need to meet.  

I thought I would like to have my own business. The big question was a business doing what? I knew it had to be working with something I believed in and also provide me with some creative outlet.  

In 2010 we purchased Tasmanian Woollen Co, found at 69 Salamanca Place Battery Point. We have tweaked the shop and the content - and we are now the Salamanca Wool Shop and we sell wool.  Wool in many forms - fine, boiled, felted, knitted, dyed, or blended with other fibres. In the forms of clothing or yarn.

Sometimes I think the shop has a split personality but it does seem to work. We can help you out on most wool journeys you want to take. You may just want the clothing ready made or a hand crafted piece by a local fibre artisan or you may want to make something out of wool yourself. We we can help you.  

I love the fact that wool breathes, it can be worn in both summer and winter as an inner and outer layer. That is does not require ironing, it can does not smell, that it is sustainable and has so many amazing properties. Also that I can take a ball of wool or two and create a wonderful garment. 

We have had our physical shop at 69 Salamanca Place since September 2010 and in September 2015 we launched our on-line shop. 

I could not have undertaken this journey without my husband, he has kept me sane, provided encouragement and acted as a handbrake when my flights of fancy have been too much. He can and does work in the shop and despite what he says he is paid more than the minimum wage.  

The shop would not run without the staff who help me. When you shop you will be ably assisted by Ann, Erin.  They can provide great advice about the products in store as they help you with your selection.  Not all have the same level of expertise with knitting. If you have a detailed query then give us a call to arrange for someone to be in store to help you with your query.  

You can contact or connect to us in many ways

- facebook:

- email:

- instragram - salamancawoolshop

- phone: 03 6234 1711 (Salamanca)  03 62237620 (Murray Street)

- shop: 69 Salamanca Place, Battery Point or 27 Murray Street, Hobart

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