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Designer Knitting Magazine

Designer Knitting (previously Vogue Knitting) offers undeniable style. For fascinating features, seasonable fashion, yarn news and book reviews, this magazine is all you need and more. The stunning pictures are arranged to inspire you with comprehensive instructions to suit varied skill levels.

We have outlined what is the magazines we hold. 

Early Winter 2019

Sleeve styles 

Argyles with a twist

Designer insights - Amy Gunderson, Cornelia Hamilton, Mari Lynn Patrick

Ethereal lace - one sleeve wrap 


Autumn 2019

Turtlenecks, tops and tunics, stunning black and white colour work.

Learn how to knit a perfect fit. 

Erika Knight's simple classic top designed especially for this edition.

6 trending silhouettes in textured stitches.

Autumn 2018

In this issue of Designer Knitting (Vogue Knitting US) Autumn

PATTERN PLAY Bright and colorful Fair Isle always fascinates.

THE MAKERS Isabell Kraemer finds her knitters; Julia Riede gets technical.

THINK PINK Perennially pretty and popular.

LAID-BACK LUSTER A little sparkle goes a long way in these casual knits.

SHAWL IN LOVER Lace, mosaic and striped shawls are sure to satisfy.

FLASHBACK A chunky white pullover never goes out of fashion.

DREAM IN COLOUR Get ready to stand out from the crowd in stunning yoke sweaters.

MAGICAL KNITTING Alice Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman weave a spell with words and knitting

FADE TO COLOR Carol Sulcoski gets to grips with this biggest of knitting trends, the fade.

MEG SWANSEN Coming to terms with the German Twisted Cast On.

STRICK-LY SPEAKING Germany is having a knitting moment; Karin Strom investigates.

Early Autumn 2018

In this issue of Designer Knitting (Vogue Knitting US) Early Autumn 2018 CROWN JEWELS Bright jewel tones and dimensional texture transform the traditional yoke sweater.

THE MAKERS Patty Lyons and Brooke Nico share their paths to becoming influential teachers and distinctive designers.

COOL CHANGE Welcome Autumn with cool, subtle shades of grays.

TRANSITIONS Mesh-accented knits open up new realms of possibility.

MICHAELA WATKINS She makes us laugh on Saturday Night Live and Casual, and she also has a knitting obsession.

MEG SWANSEN Meg’s Speed Swatch will help you obtain gauge on a circular garment as quickly as possible.

STEEL NEEDLES A 16th-century tech revolution was the genesis of today’s knitting needles

SPOTS BEFORE OUR EYES Incorporate the kaleidoscopic beauty of speckled yarn into your next knitted garment.

STORE Makers’ Merchantile caters to crafters of all persuasions.

Spring Summer 2018

In this issue of Designer Knitting (Vogue Knitting US) Spring Summer

ACT NATURAL Sheep-coloured yarns aLush lace in hushed neutral hues proves to be anything but basic.

THE MAKERS Alexandra Tavel expands her Two of Wands brand; Megi Burcl breaks down the process behind her colorful shawls.

IN LOVE WITH LAVENDER This season is all about keeping cool in sweet shades of lavender and lilac.

WRAPSODY IN BLUE Gauzy shawls in oceanic blues are the perfect summertime accessory.

CANADA Vicky Chan embraces four seasons and diverse influences.

A KNITTER ON THE MOVE Polish designer Justyna Lorkowska is changing the perception of knitting in her country.

PUZZLING OVER LACE Meg Swansen gets down to brass tacks and mathematical mysteries in the planning of a lace shawl.

ARE YOU CRÆFTY? Leslie Petrovski finds out from historian Alexander Langlands how ‘craft’ crosses over into something much more.

CAN YOU KNIT A HEALTHY BRAIN? A new site helps crafters put the benefits of “therapeutic knitting” into practice.

STORE At Yarnia, fibre-lovers come together for community, conversation and crafting.

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