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Victorian Yarn Ramble - 2018

Lil and I had the opportunity to join part of the Victorian Yarn Ramble organised by the Indie Road  Travel Team of Gaille Smith and Chris Cregan. They made the trip simple and enjoyable. They have done their homework - chosen desitinations for the wool and food lovers. Lil and I recommend that you check out the tours they offer and seriously think about joining them on one of the tours. 

Our day started in Melbourne - early, we had to meet at 7.30am. We found coffee and the streets looked deserted. 

We journeyed to Inverleigh for breakfast and then on to the Western District where we stopped off at the Fletcher Jones Garden & Market, a great initiative set up by some locals to celebrate the history of garment making in the Western District.  At one point Fletcher Jones employed close to 3,000 people, mostly in this site (the garment ‘factory’). We checked out the antique's and could have spent much longer there, than we did. We headed to the coast and partook of a luncheon feast at the Pavillion Bar and Cafe. 

Then it was off to the Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill. Where we had a tour of the mill and time with the alpaca's. Nick and Isabel Renters are living their dream and they are inspriational, so much passion for what they are doing. Their products are amazing. No one left without a purchase. We headed down the road to the Oak Weaving Studio. Colour and looms filled a purpose built space. I am still able to resist the desire to work a loom. Lil was drooling!


Saturday evening saw us feasting and staying overnight at Tarndwarncoort. Affectionately known as Tarndie. This property is one of Victoria’s oldest surviving homesteads and continuing run family farms. The homestead was gobsmackingly wonderful, you could see how the buildings have grown and aged with the continualy living in them. Dinner was served in the formal dining room. We had failed to bring our formal wear (Jestar's 7kg limit came into play). But all was good as we consumed a wonderful meal. I was in the midst of dry July and passed on the red wine.   Lil and I slept in the servants quarters, complete with a trapdoor and stairs down to the kitchen area! 

Breakfast, cooked by Tom, was great and set us up for the day ahead. Seriously good porridge and coffee. We were taken on a  walking tour of the Dennis family farm and then to the yarn store. Oh my, resistance was useless! Lovely colours and wonderful yarn. I did note that they offer wool and wine tours - hmm, something that Kim and I will need to investigate. 

Next stop was Colac, where we checked out the CrossXPollination “Journeys” – Textile & Fibre Art Exhibition We then headed back to Birregurra for lunch and a trawl around the town.  Back into the car and off to the airport. Our weekend adventure was over. Such a great time with food, events, knitting time, good conversation and company. I have been careful not to post incriminating pictures of yarn purchases!

On the to do list, another trip with the Chris and Gaille team. 

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