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Bothwell SpinIn - 3 and 4 March 2017

                                                     A unique spinning festival, the SpinIN is held every second year and celebrates fibre arts of spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, knitting and associated fibre crafts. In 2017 it will be held on 3rd and 4th March. You can travel from Hobart or look to stay closer. If wanting to stay closer then I suggest you book now.   To participate in full it is worthwhile to enter some of the competitions. For more information on how to participate in full visit or check out their facebook page.  With international, national and state guests there is the...

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Wool - is it bullet proof?

                                                 As I was searching for something interesting to report on wool, I stumbled across articles and a u-tube video about a bullet proof material being developed that used wool. How amazing. Not sure how this has progressed as the article and u tube video are dated 2011.  Though I did find some more articles dealing with the comfort factor of the wool and kevlar mixed material.  I thought I would share some of what I found with you. In 2011 Researchers at RMIT University were developing bullet-resistant wool as a lighter and cheaper alternative to bullet-proof vests,...

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Custom Orders, Finishing and Repairs

Yes we do custom orders, finishing and repairs.   Knit/Crochet to Order: The pricing varies according to project as it is dependent on the pattern of the garment, the size and the yarn used.  Orders generally take 4 - 6 weeks once we have the yarn to hand.  Repairs: We also do repairs. We will assess whether the garment is worth repairing and we  discuss with you the finished look. Pricing is subject to the work involved Finishing:We also finish garments. This may involve knitting neckbands and/or sewing up. Pricing is subject to the work involved Example of customer knit. This crew neck jumper is a regular store item and we try to have one of each size in the stock, but...

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Deadlines - will they kill you?

I had set a deadline to have the website up and running by end of September.  I was focused and pushing hard to get there. But I have not made it. I could spend time hashing over why I did not get there but I am not going to. I took some advice and asked myself the question will it matter in two years time. Answer - no. Because by then we will be up running and the teething problems will be a past memory.  So I am putting the missed deadline aside and working at getting the "bloody" site up.  We were oh so close.  Mind you, initially the site will not have all products up - simple matter...

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Sunday 6 September - Fifth Birthday

This Sunday September 6 is our fifth birthday.  I was hoping the website would be up and live, however it may not make it. We will have to wait and see. We did get our first newsletter out!. What a great journey the last five years have been and all made possible with the help of my husband Kim, and staff who are friends as well as being work colleagues. We have rebadged the shop, renovated the shop, installed new systems and point of sale register and we are almost ready to go online, albeit all with a little help from business gurus and a genius builder.  Whilst I still can not find enough time for sitting down and planning a...

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