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Hand Winding I-Cord Maker
Hand Winding I-Cord Maker
Hand Winding I-Cord Maker

Hand Winding I-Cord Maker


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The Embellish-Knit! Automatic spool-knitter, opens up infinite design possibilities for adding I-cord to your knitted, crocheted or sewn projects! This simple, hand-held circular knitting machine uses any lightweight yarn from strands of sewing thread through to lightweight yarn. Many things can be made from the resulting tube. For example, it can be wound in a spiral to produce a mat or rug or, if a larger spool with more nails is used, a sock or a hat could be made.

Check out what can be made with the tube here. To best use the machine a tapestry needle or crochet hook are an excellent tool.  I found the utube link to be a good instruction, much better than the included instructions. 

The included instructions refer to included yarn and tapestry needle.  These items are not included. 

Do not use worsted/10 ply or above as it may damage your machine.



13.5cm x 9cm(5 3/8" x3 4/8").

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