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Helix ISO Filter 8 pack
Helix ISO Filter 8 pack

Helix ISO Filter 8 pack

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The exceptional electrostatic capabilities of the HELIX.iso™ Wool Fibre Filters  capture the tiniest dangerous airborne particles. This same best-in-class technology has been scientifically developed for industrial, medical and respiratory health sectors and has been chosen by Nasa for critical life support in the next manned exploration to the moon.

The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the HELIX.iso™ filters naturally resist and reduce the growth of bacteria and microbes on the fibre surface. The Helix.iso™ Filter matrix has extremely low breathing resistance, making it exceptionally easy to breathe through. Using one filter insert will capture more than 80% of particles 3 micron and larger. Protection levels increase to 95% with the use of two filters.

Please note: This is not an N95 mask or a respirator and is designed for general public use, not for use in a medical situation. We cannot guarantee wearing this mask will eliminate the risk of infection or contracting a disease.


  • High Breathability
  • Exceptional electrostatic capabilities capture tiny dangerous particles
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Made from Wool

Instructions for use:

It’s important to note that filters are only effective when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning using alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap and water. Correct filter use and care is critical for optimal protection.

  • Before handling your filter wash your hands in warm soapy water or sanitise.
  • Remove the filter from packaging.
  • Insert the filter into the mask opening with the pointed side at the top of the mask where the nose bridge is.
  • Ensure the mask is adjusted to fit comfortably over the face so that your mouth and nose are covered.
  • Trim filter to fit mask outline if desired.
  • We recommend replacing your filter each day.
  • Filters should be removed from masks and safely disposed of. They should not be re-used.

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