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Knit Wit Magazine

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Knit Wit Magazine 

Issue 8

- a studio visit with the duo behind rug and fiber design company Cold Picnic
- an interview with embroidery artist Victoria Villesana (her street art is incredible!)
- the medicinal properties of dye (seriously) with Lookout & Wonderland
- a travel story to visit cochineal harvesters in the Canary Islands
- three spring-y editorials featuring four original Knit Wit patterns!
- a studio visit with Last Chance Textiles' Lindsay Fout
- an interview with artist Lisa Borgnes Giramonti
- high priestess of macramé, Emily Katz
- a shopping story about dye!
- FOUR original Knit Wit patterns
- tons more!


Issue 7 - Cold In this you will find all the engaging storytelling, interesting humans and incredible work you're used to. You'll also find something new: five original patterns developed right here at Knit Wit HQ with some really great designers. In celebration of our exciting new DIY developments, we rounded up some of our favorite tools and notions for a market story shot by the incredible Stephanie Gonot. We visit the duo behind the Trash Tee, EVERYBODY.WORLD and the Tatter Textile Library in New York. Noelle Sharp of Aporta Textiles takes us along on a Navajo weaving workshop, while All Roads Studio's Janelle Pietrzak explores the deeply complicated and interesting world of raising Churro sheep. We also peek at the studio of the Nike color designer turned full-time weaver, Katherine Entis. With all this excitement, we needed a little more grounding, so we met up with Rachael Matthews, author of The Mindfulness of Knitting, to chill out for a tick. We also visit the maker movement's fearless leader\, Cathy Callahan in her studio. On the pattern front, we've got an epic coat by Purl B's Brandi Harper, an almost-too-adorable beret by our own pattern editor Gina Röckenwagner, a crochet minidress by Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands, possibly the chicest thing to slide of a pair of needles, a sweater top and skirt set by Brittney Jean Bailey, AND finally, grunge-inspired frilly socks from Joanna Radow.

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