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Lexington Woolies Alpaca 8Ply
Lexington Woolies Alpaca 8Ply

Lexington Woolies Alpaca 8Ply


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We are pleased to offer Lexington Woolies a range of alpaca yarn in natural colours sourced from the farm. Lexington Woolies is sourced from an alpaca farm in southern Tasmania - named Lexington. The owners are are local farmers who prioritise providing a brand with ethically sourced wool and superior fibre quality. They do this by being a part of the whole farm to yard production process and ensuring responsible, sustainable practices in animal welfare and land management.

Alpaca fleece varies in quality depending on the climate, animal management and the genetics of the Alpaca. The Tasmanian climate is unlike any other state in Australia, therefore with their superior breeding program and climate, the Lexington product is unique to the farm.  Each shade of fleece is from a particular grouping of alpaca's and the meterage and shades vary slightly.

The yarn is spun as an 8ply/DK weight and knits on a 4.00mm needle. As all knitters vary in tension, please do a tension swatch. 

Chocolate - 188m per 100g

Bisque L3 - 202m per 100g

Bisque N1 - 219m per 100g

Bisque N3 - 195m per 100g

Bisque M1 - 185m per 100g

Bisque M2 - 222m per 100g

Bisque M3 - 192m per 100g



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