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Linii Huon Pine Glass Diffuser

Linii Huon Pine Glass Diffuser


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LINII® “Huon Pine” Diffuser is rich in blended essentials oil, reminiscent of Huon Pine. This diffuser will fragrance any room for up to six months.

Huon Pine contains a naturally occurring ingredient, Methyl Eugenol, that gives the timber its unique fragrance, preservative and repellent qualities. Huon Pine will deter mites, silverfish, moths and fleas. It does not kill them, nor will it remove an infestation, but rather, Huon Pine will keep an area free of these pests, discouraging them to nest. Huon Pine is a safe, natural, environmentally friendly insect deterrent that can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Linii products demonstrate real innovation, and are produced exclusively at Bridestowe Estate.

Dimensions  8.5 × 8.5 × 33 cm

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