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Ply is a magazine primarily for spinners and those who use hand spun yarn. 

Single copies are posted at a cost of  $5 postage charge. If you are wanting multiple magazines then postage is $13.00

Sock Yarn – Winter 18

Nothing says you’re devoted to the craft of spinning and knitting like socks! This issue covers socks inside and outside, toes to cuffs.

  • Have you wanted to spin socks but you’re not sure where to start?
  • Do you yearn to spin stocks that last and last? Listen to what our sock knitting expert has to say about the perfect sock yarn.
  • Would you like to know which yarn structure holds up the best on your feet?

The Socks issue of PLY is filled with everything you need to know to start (or keep) spinning socks. We talk about the best breeds (and why), the fiber preparation that lends itself most to sock spinning, different drafts, and the best plying methods for socks. If you love spinning socks, let us show you what we found when we compared the most popular sock yarn structures; it might just change your sock spinning forever! We talk about adding nylon, adding mohair, and if you need to do either. Learn about superwash fiber and make your own decision whether or not it’s a good fit for you and your socks. Are you a Turkish spindle lover? We’ve got a gorgeous article all about sock yarn turtles. Obsessed with color? No problem. Get bored spinning for the second sock? We’ve got a solution we think you’ll love. Want a special luxury pair of socks? We’ve got you covered. This issue is chock-full of socks, including a couple of great patterns.


Turkish Spindles, Sleeping Turtles, and Matching Socks — Evanita Montalvo

Breaking out of a Rut: Getting a new sock yarn groove— Joanne Seiff

Humble Socks— Christina Pappas

A Good Yarn: Nylon vs. Mohair —Denise Williams

Luxury socks that last and luxury socks that don’t — Melanie Duarte

On Spinning Yarns for Socks — Kate Atherley

Making the Case for Crepe Spun Socks— Debbie Held

Sock Yarn Round Up – What’s Your Favorite Structure?— Jillian Moreno

Color Study in Three Socks — Jennifer Lackey

Tuff Socks Naturally: An Ongoing Collaborative Project Exploring Sustainable Fibres and Techniques for Making Durable Socks — Rebecca Marsh

Darn That Hole — Tom Van Deijnen

Stubborn Sock Yarn: testing structure — Pimmie Schoorl

Superwash Wool: Friend or foe to the spinner? — Julie-Anne Gandier


Sock Summit: A Remberance — Lori Patterson

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Goldilocks & The Perfect Boot Sock — Mary Berry

Spin it: My perfect sock yarn — Donna Kay

Woolen Socks? — Natasha Sills

Hold Boredom and Dread at Bay with 3 Ply 2 Ways — JoAnna Moskal

Six perfect sock yarns — Various authors


The Perfect Boot Sock — Mary Berry

Knit it: Perfectly Imperfect Sock Pattern — Kate Atherley

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Wool for Socks: Narrowing It Down — Beth Smith

More than Merino: fiber for socks — Jillian Moreno

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