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Entering the Royal Hobart Show

Have you ever visited your local show and viewed the knitted, felted, crocheted, hand spun and hand dyed items and thought I can do that or I would like to enter.  Well you too can enter. It is not a secret society or elves in the cupboard producing these items. 

It is ordinary men and women who have put some time aside to showcase and improve their crafting. I have previously bitten the bullet and entered, my heart was in my mouth when I put my entry in, but I won a prize and received a highly commended. I was totally stoked. 

These show events will pass away if people do not enter. So I urge you to think about entering, check out the categories, pick a category, check out your patterns and yarn. think some more - but do it quickly.  Adapt and change the patterns if you want to - it all depends on the category you choose. Create something from no pattern - some wonderful crafters out there do this.

Create your piece, pay particular attention to your  blocking and finishing - this is as important as creating the pieces of the work. Attend the information session. 

All the information you need to enter can be found here   

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