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Wanting to find something on our website. Don't despair.

I am looking at reworking our website, in that parallel universe of time somewhere out there.

But until then here are some useful tips for looking for items.

I find the best way to search and see what we have on the online shop is to
select the search icon, then put in the term related to what you want to find. Some examples might be 

  • a broad term eg sock. This will return stock that uses Sock somewhere in the descriptor
  • more generic term eg sock yarn or sock pattern
  • specific term rialto sock yarn. This will return all searches related to rialto sock yarn - yarn and patterns.

Another option is to select the materials category under this grouping you will find all things related to 'creating' rather than buying the ready made article. 

All sale items are listed under the sale option or can be found by searching using the term sale.


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