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January Specials

Everywhere at present I see SALE signs.

Add to that, there is the promotion of seasonal events, which at present seems to be totally out of whack.  In some stores we seem to have missed Valentine's Day and jumped straight to Easter - which I thought was in April, this year, not January.

As a business I can not be on sale all of the time or for all of my stock. I would not survive or be able to employ myself or my staff. But I do, like every one else, enjoy a sale. I also like to see the stock that I have purchased move on to a new owner.

That being the owner, who will wear the garment with because they know they feel good in it, it feels great on and it looks right on them. The knitter, spinner, weaver or felter who will create something for themselves, a family member or a friend from a 'materials' purchase in my store.  

So in  a fit of January madness, yes the heat has affected me, I am reducing the price of an item or two each day for the rest of January.  Information will be posted to our facebook site daily.  We are now up to day 4 of my offerings (I think, that is right - the glass of evening wine may have affected me!). 

So each day check in to see what was posted as a January Special or go to our website and type in January Special to see what has been put up on sale. 

If you are wondering what wine was sampled whilst this blog was being written. It was a Tyrell's HVD Semillion 2013. Courtesy of our wine cellar and originally purchased via the Royal Hobart Wine Show.  A semillion that has superb balance of acidity, and nothing less than what Kim and I expect from a Tyrell's wine.  Wishing there was another glass of it to be had!


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