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Social Knitting opportunities

Social Knitting 

Knit Night 6.00pm - 8pm First Wednesday of the Month
Find us at Hearth, 37 Montpelier Retreat. Bring whatever you have on your needles and any show and tells that you may wish to share.  


Social Socks  9.45-11.30am   2nd Wednesday of the Month 
Find us at Tricycle Cafe, Salamanca Art Centre. A social sock knitting group.  Come along with a sock you are knitting or to take part in a sock knit along that will extend your sock knitting repertory. You need to be able to knit, cast on, and cast off and understand the knitting of a basic sock. If you are wanting to learn to use circular needles then bring along the circular needles of your choice.(read this information to inform your choice), You will also need in your box of tricks a tapestry needle, 4 stitch markers (one of these should be different to the others). Pen and notepaper, scissors, tape measure.   We are simply sock addicts.  Please note this is not a learn to knit sock class. 


Saturday Shawl 1.00-3.00pm third Saturday of the Month
Find us at Tricycle Cafe, Salamanca Art Centre. A social shawl knitting group. Bring along whatever shawl is on your needles.  At times during the year we may be following a  particular knit along or mystery shawl, as this group had its origins in Stephen West's Mystery shawl knit along in 2022.  


 Lunch time or anytime  knitting 

Drop in and have a knit over your lunch hour or whenever you wish. We have table chairs and  you can have food and drink as you knit - that is your choice



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  • Valerie, Gold Coast Q'ld.

    On a stop-over in Hobart, I discovered this amazing shop in Salamanca Place where I bought the wonderful long cardigan I’d been searching for. The owners, lovely people, were extraordinarily helpful and made my day!!

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