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Sample Carbeth Jumper
Sample Carbeth Jumper

Sample Carbeth Jumper


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Our sample Carbeth Jumpers are for sale. We will also arrange a commission knit of these jumpers, in the colour of your choice.  

A commission knit will cost  $270.00  (includes the yarn)


Finished chest measurement are shown and it is suggested that you allow 10cm ease. That is, you add 10cm to your chest measurement to find the size you need. 

Size 1: 93cm/36.5in

Size 2: 102cm/40in

Size 3: 122cm/48in

Size 4: 122cm/48in

Size 5: 134cm/52.5in

Size 6: 142cm/52.5in

Size 7: 151cm/59.5in

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